Alongside producing epoxy and polyurethane compounds, we, at Veeyor Polymers also specialize in air filter PU resin. When it comes to filtration, we hold a strong position in the market for air filter PU resin

Durable, reliable and diversified air filter resin

If you’ve been having facing trouble finding the right air filter PU resin for your filtration needs, the experts at Veeyor Polymers have your solution. From fungus resistant filter for pool and spa to high temperature resistant air filters for the aerospace market, Veeyor Polymers provide the solution to all your filtration problems.

We have experience and expertise in catering to PU resins for your air filtration applications. Our air filter PU resin are extensively accepted and used across automobiles, industrial settings, and homes. Our air filter PU resin formulations are designed and checked for quality at each step for your demanding application.

What makes us different in the industry is that our products can withstand shock, vibration, and extreme temperature conditions.

Being acknowledged as one of the best air filter PU resin manufacturer and supplier by our clients, Veeyor Polymers constantly work with you to increase your production efficiencies.

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