Self-levelling resin

Alongside offering flooring and resins for various applications, Veeyor Polymers specializes in self-levelling resin in Bangalore.

The term ‘self-levelling’ suggests that it is possible to hide imperfection and pour the resin screed on to an unlevel surface. However, this is not the situation. To obtain smooth and flawless floor, surface potholes, undulations and out-of-level floors should be repaired.

Smooth and perfect finish that your eyes cannot escape

Depending on your requirement, self-levelling floor thickness may vary from 2-3 mm. For medium to heavy duty applications, 2-3 mm flooring is suitable, however, for very heavy duty applications 4-6 mm flooring is recommended for high strength and durability.

Self-levelling resin offers both glossy and matt finish with good slip resistance. They can be used for a variety of commercial applications and come in various colours to suit your requirements.

Application areas:

  • Restaurants, cafes, commercial kitchens
  • Beverage processing / manufacturing unit
  • Labs, pharmaceuticals and test facilities

Being a complete package for flooring, self-levelling resin is widely preferred. To cater to the increasing demands in the industry, we are a renowned name for self-levelling resin in Bangalore.

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