With our strong expertise and R&D, We serve widest range of application and market segements like Automotive, Electrical, Electronics and many more. Veeyor Polyer develops custom formulation for the specific requirement of each application.


Right from high voltage transformers casting to magnetic impregnation, Veeyor Polymer offers a range of Potting and Encapsulation compounds required for the electrical sector.

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Veeyor has a deep focus on providing superior quality compounds for protecting electronic components required in all industrial sectors and applications

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Veeyor polymers are the market leader in the catering needs of the filtration industry. Our epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane products endure chemical exposure and temperature extremes.

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Superior quality epoxy resins from Veeyor polymers for the monolithic, smooth, non-porous, hygienic coating that is easy to clean and maintain and provides a rich look.

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