Our Products

At Veeyor Polymers offers a wide range of potting and encapsulation as well as laminating compounds used in various industries for electrical, electronics, filter bonding and flooring applications. Veeyor’s epoxy, pu and silicone compounds are highly regarded for applications like potting of transformers, coil windings, capacitors, PCB components, filters and many more…

Epoxy Systems

Wide range of Epoxy formulations used for an application like potting of transformers, coil windings, capacitors, PCB components

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Polyurethane Systems

Customized range of Polyurethane (PU) resins catering to applications like vacuum casting, RIM casting, clear casting, model making tooling and many others.

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Silicone Systems

Veeyor offers versatile Silicone sealants widely used for LED driver potting applications, HEPA filter gel seal applications and electronic potting applications

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Epoxy Potting Compounds


  • General-purpose cold-curing systems for all your needs in the electrical and electronic industries
  • Range of products as per specific applications, pot life, hardness, and electrical as well as mechanical properties
  • Hot curing systems are offered for high-temperature endurance
  • Superior electrical as well as mechanical properties for high voltage application
  • Range of hot curing systems are for transformer, insulators, bushings and fiber glass composite manufacturers.


  • General-purpose cold curing polyurethane compounds for potting and adhesive applications
  • Polyurethane systems offer superior flexibility and crack resistance and are made from renewable raw materials making them less harmful for our end users
  • Ideal for low voltage applications, where superior adhesion is required at low costs
  • High mechanical strength and electrical resistance for transformer potting applications.
  • Fast setting times ensures high throughput
  • Low viscosity cold curing polyurethanes systems are ideal for automatic dispensing equipment