Epoxy, PU potting and encapsulation compounds

Electronic components require protection from various environmental exposures. electronic potting and encapsulation compounds are designed to insulate and protect such components. We offer a comprehensive selection of low-cost epoxy and polyurethane potting compounds to meet the most demanding specifications.

Veeyor’s potting compounds are formulated for superior performance across various applications like relays, resistors, capacitors, automotive coils and assemblies, and many more.

With a strong team of R&D, we also develop and supply customized formulations to your exact specifications.

Epoxy potting compounds

Electronic encapsulation formulations are the key to maintaining the quality and life of electronic compounds. Veeyor’s epoxy formulations are designed for products that require thermal conductivity and strong insulation. Our custom formulations achieve a range of properties in strength, temperature, curing speeds, and liquid color to insulate and protect against moisture, corrosion, humidity, and other damaging environments.

Polyurethane compounds

Veeyors PU compounds are specially formulated for electronic potting and are suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Veeyor resins come with a complete range of flame retardant polyurethane compounds.

Veeyor’s Epoxy, PU and Silicone compounds are highly regarded for applications like potting of transformers, coil windings, capacitors, PCB components, filters and many more…