Leading the Way in Polymeric Formulations

Leading the way in developing specialized polymeric formulations tailored to meet the unique requirements of your applications. Whether you’re looking for Epoxy, PU, or Silicone formulations, Veeyor stands as your trusted partner, offering accuracy and expertise in every compound. A wide array of additives are readily accessible in the market, empowering polymers and polymeric formulations to fulfill crucial functions across diverse conditions. These additives encompass plasticizers

  • Stabilizers (UV, heat, chemical),
  • Fillers,
  • Colors,
  • Actives (anti-fungal, pharmaceutical),
  • stiffeners (fibers, cross-linkers).

Catering to Diverse Industries and Applications:

We don’t just provide formulations; we provide solutions across a diverse spectrum of industries. From potting compounds for Electric Vehicles and Auto Electronics to adhesives for filter bonding, and from thermal conductive products e-mobility to silicone gels vital for mega projects like dam repairs, Veeyor is your go-to source for versatile and reliable polymeric systems.

Exceeding Expectations with Uncompromising Quality:

At Veeyor, our commitment to quality is not just a promise—it’s an integral part of every formulation we develop. We go beyond industry standards, ensuring that each system exceeds expectations, delivering performance, durability, and reliability that you can trust.

Reliable Systems:

Reliability is at the of every system we develop. Our polymeric compounds undergo rigorous testing, ensuring that they stand up to the challenges posed by your applications. When you choose Veeyor, you choose not just a product but a promise of reliability.

Your Challenging Needs, Our Expertise:

In conclusion, if you find yourself facing challenging requirements for PU, epoxy, and silicone compounds, Veeyor is here to meet those challenges head-on. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that we can tailor solutions to your unique needs. Get in touch with us! marketing@veeyorpolymers.com